Mark Norton is currently the Director of Continuity Planning with Agility Recovery, a leading Disaster Recovery Solutions provider based in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Agility Recovery serves over 22,000 member organizations across North America by providing access to the four key aspects of business operations during a recovery: Office Space, Computer Technology, Power and Communications. 

After earning a bachelor’s degree from Appalachian State University, Mark joined Agility in 2008 as an Associate Continuity Planner where he orchestrated hundreds of Member Orientations annually.  Mark progressed to Lead Continuity Planner in 2010, and worked to ensure that every one of Agility’s thousands of members have full, uninterrupted access to the solutions the company provides by serving as the primary account manager. 

As Director of Continuity Planning, Mark not only designs the strategies and leads continuity planners through the member orientation and continuity planning process, but he also manages the coordination of member recovery efforts.  Since joining Agility, Mark has contributed to over 650 member recoveries, ranging from minor disruptions to major regional catastrophes.  Mark, along with his associates in the Member Services department at Agility have a 100% success rate recovering members throughout all types of disasters from coast to coast.

 Mark  Norton