The more time your sales team spends in meetings, the less time they have available to actually sell.

Use the following checklist to prepare for and lead an effective sales meeting—one that gets maximum results in minimum time.

Some items to plan before the meeting:

  • Clarify purpose of meeting
  • Create meeting agenda including
  • Any information sales team needs to review prior to meeting (i.e., documents, PowerPoint presentations, videos, sales figures)

What to do during the meeting:

  • Remind team of meeting objective
  • Briefly review last meeting (if necessary)
  • Meeting leader shares updates/news including:
    • New products/services
    • Pricing changes
    • Promotions
    • Process changes
    • Quota changes
    • Competitors
  • Salespeople share updates including:
    • Sales
    • Sales activity
    • Pipeline
    • Successes and challenges

After the meeting:

  • Within 24 hours, send follow-up overview of key points discussed
  • Follow up on action items as necessary
Checklist for an Effective Sales Meeting