Coastal with Kathryn | Wherever the Ocean Meets the Shore

See what happens when a SCORE mentor introduces two of her clients. They make something very special.

Kathryn Mademann, on her show Coastal with Kathryn, interviews Luana Graves Sellars. They discuss the significance of the Gullah community and Mitchellville on Hilton Head Island. Come join the conversation & share.

Kathryn is the creator, producer, and on-air talent/host of Coastal with Kathryn.  

Luana is a founder of the Lowcountry Gullah Foundation; she advocates for issues that involve the Gullah.


About the Author(s)

Kathryn Madema

Kathryn Mademann is the creator, on-air talent/host, and producer of "Coastal with Kathryn". With her thirst for travel and passion for storytelling, she wanted to launch a travel show that features the unique, enriched communities along coastal waters. Kathryn has had a dynamic career spanning over 30 years in fashion, media, and communications.

Television Host, Coastal with Kathryn
Luana Graves Sellars

Luana Graves Sellars is a community activist and founder of the Lowcountry Gullah Foundation; she spends her time advocating for issues that involve the Gullah, as well as coordinating communication between the Leadership and the Gullah community.

Community Activist, Lowcountry Gullah Foundation
Kathryn Mademan - Luana Sellars