The Business Plan

A business plan provides you with a comprehensive, detailed overview of all the aspects of your business. This overview is the skeleton of your business—the underlying structure that provides the basis of your entire operation. Prepared in advance, a business plan allows you to review the pros and cons of your proposed business before you make a financial and emotional commitment to it.

There are three reasons to create a written business plan:

  • The process of creating a business plan forces you to take an objective, critical, and unemotional look at your business prior to and after its inception.
  • It is an operating tool that will help you manage your business and ensure its success.
  • It will communicate your ideas to others and provide the basis for financing proposals.

The importance of planning cannot be overemphasized. Your business plan will help you identify and evaluate areas of strength and weakness; pinpoint business needs that might otherwise be overlooked; identify important business opportunities and spot problems before they escalate. These insights and observations will help you achieve your business goals quickly and effectively.

Develop A Business Plan