Interview by Marjorie Young (Open For Business) with Laurie Brown, Founder and Owner of Aunt Laurie's of Hilton Head, SC. Aunt Laurie's is an award winning gift basket company driven by a passion to help people with disabilities learn job skills.  Laurie says she was born with a passion to help people, especially those with disabilities. After 30 years in the automotive corporate world, she contacted SCORE to help bring this passion into fruition. That was a little over 5 years ago, and she has never looked back.

The SCORE SC Lowcountry group has a Rapid Response Team in place just for small business owners that need help navigating the Corona virus crisis. As a small business owner, you don't have to face this crisis alone. Call SCORE or unite with another local business owner to share insights.

BIG TAKE AWAY, if you are a small business owner, get a business mentor from SCORE. There are over 10,000 CERTIFIED SCORE mentors across the USA in over 300 local chapters. They have years of expertise and this help is **FREE** to you - the small business owner. Go to to find a local chapter.

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Open For Business: Aunt Laurie's