Chimers Charts™  Make Playing Music Easy

With Chimers Charts ™ people make music without the need to read music. It removes one of the biggest frustrations in learning and teaching music.  Groups make music together instantaneously, using Chimers Charts ™.

Chimers Charts ™ offers easy-to-read music instructional boards. They use colors and letters, to designate what and when notes should be played for a song. Chimers Charts ™ is the first commercial instructional aide for music to do that. Although initially designed for Music Therapy sessions, many other groups such as music classrooms, retiree/senior groups, youth groups, Bible study classes can take advantage of this great music product.

This product encourages people to have fun playing music together, in a success oriented activity. It removes the frustration of reading music in order to play music.

My successes. 


Mary Scovel, Inventor and Successful Business Owner

Early in her career as a Professor of Music, Mary Scovel encountered a new challenge, a young boy with Downs Syndrome that changed her life. After meeting that young boy, Mary realized she wanted to teach music to people with special needs.

After receiving her Master’s Degree in Music with an equivalency in Music Therapy, Mary reached that goal. Mary designed Chimers Charts so that anyone can make music easily and have a successful experience. As a result, anyone who wants to play hand chimes and other instruments, but doesn’t read music, can have a successful music experience.

Chimers Charts ™ were designed to meet the learning needs of anyone who can distinguish letters and colors. "Because of SCORE, I am now the proud business owner of Chimers Charts", says Mary.

How SCORE helped. 

Mary needed a patent for her invention and Bob worked with her through all of the steps in securing that patent.

"He assured me that when I had a question I could call him anytime, which I did often", says Mary. When Mary found a company, Jeffers Handbell Supply Inc., to manufacture her product and obtained the contract, Bob reviewed it with her. Bob advised Mary about her business options. He also explained the meaning of the business language in the contract.

With his guidance and Mary’s efforts, Chimers Charts made their first sale at the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) conference in November, 2010. "Bob supported me every step through this process and I am deeply grateful to him and to SCORE for the generous service they provide", says Mary.

Bob Holbrook is a volunteer SCORE counselor with Carolina Lowcountry SCORE. Visit to learn about free SCORE business advice for starting or growing a small business.

What's great about my mentor? 

"I would not have attained this business success, if it were not for the able assistance of Bob Holbrook, my SCORE counselor", says Mary.

"At our first meeting, I described my invention and Bob laid out a detailed plan on how to move forward. Because I was a neophyte, I listened carefully to this man who had years of business experience. He offered sound advice and encouraged me to pursue this project", says Mary.